Keypower Watch Co., Ltd is a professional OEM/ ODM watch factory based in Dongguan, Guangdong, China which is near to Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong.  Founded in 2007, KEYPOWER has established a great reputation on traditional watches manufacturing services all over the world.  

We mainly offer high quality stainless steel watches, zinc alloy and brass watches with one-stop service.  Our watches are equipped with Swiss, Japan quartz, mechanical or electronic movements, as well as various bracelets and straps such as stainless steel band, genuine leather strap or PU strap, stainless steel mesh band, nylon strap, silicon strap etc. 

Low MOQ is one of our strengths - we are mainly producing stainless steel models with minimal order quantity 200, and zinc alloy models with minimal order quantity 300. There are several color options for each model and the MOQ per color is 50. 



Having an in-house Design Team allows us to closely partner with you right from the start of your project.  Our designers are ahead on trendy, innovative ideas and strategies, and they are renowned for always coming up with fresh, exciting designs based on samples, imagines or even just a concept provided by clients. 

Our in-house Engineering Team have 20+ years experience of 2D and 3D drawing, which help us to have a good understanding on client's requirements and bring product from design stage to prototype and production quickly and efficiently. 


Our R&D Team work with our clients on research and development of new products, new materials and new technologies, which help us on continuous innovation and maintenance of our competitive advantage. 


Each year, we help our clients on a lot of new projects development, and it's getting more and more recently. 


Case is the most important part of a watch except for movement - it costs high and requires long time for production. KEYPOWER factory is equipped with facilities for both stainless steel and zinc alloy cases. 

By self-processing the case, it can not only control the production time, reduce the cost and arrange small quantity orders, but most importantly, it can also control the quality very well.


The assembly of a watch is a process in which every move has to be perfect: not the slightest shortcoming can be tolerated at any stage. 


After IQC, all different components of a watch are put together: dial and hands are fixed, various functions are regulated, movement is cased up and strap is fitted. Every step requires concentrated attention and the most meticulous care.


To guarantee products meeting customers expectation, not only does KEYPOWER hire skilled technicians using sophisticated equipments, but it has also implemented comprehensive and stringent Quality Control procedures. Each part is subjected to a number of rigorous checks, and each stage in production is followed by a control such as IQC, IPQC and OQC, aiming to ensure inspections of all the aspects have been performed. 


To guarantee our watches' life cycle, we usually conduct Reliability Test on a batch basis, such as artificial sweat test, simulating corrosion of sweat on coated metal parts to a watch during wear; Drop test, simulating a slight collision to a watch during wear, etc. 

In addition, the raw materials used for our watches are compliant with EU standards like RoHS, REACH and CE.